The Samosa Story

Samosa Story
A munch on the crisp delight ‘samosa’ along with sips on the evening tea, a breathtaking combination for the food lovers. This samosa is a famous North Indian snack and known as Shingara in Bengal. Almost every people from every corner of the subcontinent are in love with this crispy snack. But do you know the actual origin of this evening delight?
Samosa is actually originated in Central Asia and traveled to our land along with the foreign traders, to please our taste buds. The dish is prepped with maida and the stuffing of mashed potato inside, which is flavored with different spices. Although the stuffing varies from chicken, mutton to moong dal, the spicy potato stuffing is the incomparable one.
The triangle shaped snack looks delicious from every angle for its shape and golden brown hue. The golden brown color comes, as it is deep fried in oil. If you cannot resist yourself after reading this, just try it out with Ketchup or tamarind chutney or mint chutney. Because one of these is served with the delicious snack to add a twist to it.
This snack is one of the most famous street foods in Kolkata, and you can savor this tasty triangle from any small snacks corner. Nevertheless, prior to getting out with a craving for the snack, you must know the prominent places to get the best hot samosas.
Tiwari Brothers
Arun Tea Stall
Sharma Tea Stall
Just taste your favorite samosa from one of these shops once, truly speaking, it will take your breath away.