An integral part of cultural city Kolkata, a favorite delicacy of the Bengalis, is Rosogolla. The delicious sponge Rosogolla first came into existence more than 150 years back.

The invention of this exceptionally appetizing sweet dish was accidental. Can you imagine? Yes. A story is believed that once a cottage-cheese ball fell into the sugar syrup from Nabin Das’s hands all of a sudden. And the result was Rosogolla. That’s why he is called Nabin Moira, the Columbus of Rosogolla, by the connoisseurs of sweets.

Taste of this sweet of Bengal is famous worldwide. Extremely soft, spongy, white texture and mouth-melting taste of this sweet is the reason that has made it so popular throughout the world. The tourists from other states or from abroad, cannot leave Kolkata, without relishing the taste of Rosogolla.

Although an extensive variant of Rosogolla is trending today, everyone seeks for the authentic taste of this sweet. Pure white sponge Rosogolla or the golden hue of the Nolen Gurer Rosogolla (Rosogolla flavored with jaggery), whatever it be, cannot lose the charm hidden within.

Here we are sharing the top five addresses, where you can find the best bona fide taste of Kolkatan Rosogolla. If you have sweet tooth, you must try.

KC Das Grandson Pvt. Ltd.

This is the place, where the journey started. So there should not arise any question about the real taste. Yes, Nabin Moira, the inventor was the ancestor of the owner. Since its inception (1868), the shop keeps going on with legitimacy and quality.

Located in: Lake Town

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick

This is also one of the best places to be tickled up with the real taste.

Location: Bhawanipur

Hindusthan Sweets

You will feel thrilled as well when your choice is Hindusthan Sweets.

Location: Jadavpur


Your next destination is Annapurna? Then, your taste buds will be delighted in a true sense.

Location: New Town

Chittaranjan Mishtanna Bhandar

You must try a bite from Chittaranjan also if you are a Rosogolla lover.

Location: Shyambazar St (Hatibagan)