Kolkata Street Food Diary ~ Am2pm

Dalhousie…a daily destination for the office goers in Kolkata. A place, mostly known as the ‘office para’ and famed for the street foods as well. The crowd in the street food stalls during mid-day will leave you astounded. From full platter of lunch to evening snacks, different taste and flavor is available in the kiosks.

The vendors sell foods in front of the red and white GPO building. You will definitely feel a craving for food, when yummy jhal muri, spicy badam chat, mouth-watering jalebi, kachori with delicious sabji, crunchy samosa et al appear in front of you. And the good news is the prices are very economical. You may take munches on your fave foods even if it is month end.

Not only with the snacks and full meals, a few vendors are here to make you relaxed on an exhausted summer afternoon, with the summer delights like lassi and bel pana. So if you are a street food lover and have some tasks to be done nearby this destination on a weekday, it is a good option to peep into the place and taste the street delicacies.