“Food Is Our Common Ground, A Universal Experience”

As a blazing feather to ‘tourism’, ‘Food Tourism’ has nowestablished its identity and anew wave in the industry these days. Travelling and eating both are like the flip-side of the same coin – one is incomplete without another. A true travelling experience can only be considered as ‘complete’, when the delicacies of that place have been tasted —sometimes flavorscan speak more about a culture than the people themselves. To discover the culinary experiences while travelling, Team Panchphoronhad organized a foodwalktitled ‘BoishakheBangkok’ which was a successful voyage to Thailandlast year. This year,2018, Team Panchphoron has again organized a second version of foodwalkto the Southern Part of Thailand – Phuketand Krabi, in collaboration withdedicateddigital media entity AM2PMFOOD.

In honor of the most prestigious event ‘AMAZING THAI FOOD V2.0’, AM2PMFOOD and TeamPANCHPHORONconducted a press meeton 12thApril,2018at one of the most luxurious hotels in Kolkata, The Bakery, LalitGreat Eastern Kolkata. The conference was mustered witheminenthonorable guests and food bloggers cum members of Panchphoron! After the meet-and-greet session with luminariesand members of Team Panchphoron,a cake was presented to celebrate the success of last year food walk ! Mr. Vikaas Verma, Director of AM2PMFOOD ,greeted the VIP guests with warm welcome and delivered a wonderful brief explanation on the concept of Thai food Trip. Honorable Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) ,New Delhi, Mr. Isra Stapanaseth, Acting Deputy CousulGeneral from Royal Thai Embassy Ms. Montankan Hengsuwan , Mr. Anil Punjabi,chairman,TAFI;Mr. Jaidev Dutta, General Manager of LalitGreat Eastern Kolkata and Mr.Rahul Saith, who is the Sales Manager of Eastern India Singapore Airlines – all esteemed guests were honored with Uttorio(scarf), a pack of customary Bengali sweets, bouquet and memento .Mr. Isra Stapanasethstated with elation “ …. thiswill open a new segment of Food Tourism from Eastern Part of India which attracts more and more food lovers to visit Thailand for food trips.. “. Mr. Anil, while delivering his speech on food tourism mentioned “ TheDiversity in the tourist attractions , the delicious Thai Food and shopping will always make Thailand the most popular tourist destination for the Indian travelers” . It was definitely the cherry onthetopmomentwhen Ms. Montankan Hengsuwanannounced the exclusive giftwhich will definitely be a bonanza for food bloggers.

After the speech delivery session,One of themembers of Panchphoron presented a Power Point and video presentations which showcased promotional videos of Phuketand Krabiand the details planning of the foodtripwhich is all set to take place on May month.

Besides this food related ceremony, a fund raised through sponsorship, was donated to a benevolent NGO named  “EMERGING YOUTH INDIA”,who works for the development of the education of street children in Kolkata. This was truly a great Initiative.

Customized T-shirts for the trip with Amazing Thailand Logo along with travel partner brands were revealed by Hon’bleDirector of TAT, New Delhi.

The cooking fiesta named “The Curry Story” took place between Ms. Pomphen Katrak, who is a famous chef from Thailand and Mr. Ajit Tiwari,whois also a renowned chef from LalitGreat Eastern Kolkata, was what drew many eyes. Ms. Pomphenmade a delicious authentic Thai Green Curry and Mr. Ajit Tiwarimade Meen MoileeCurry which is a traditional Indian delicacy—- with no doubt, itcan be stated that both chefs had tickled our taste budswith their culinary expertise and the delicious unique flavors of two dishes got round of applauds by guests.

After small interviews of Hon’bleguests and chefs, conducted by media, Tea Session marked the end of the Press Meet.

From manifesting the itinerary for the tour to customizing AM2PMFOOD and PANCHPHORON special Sandesh, customized T-shirts and the cookery show — this event seemed to have been able to tick mark all the requirements and made it a memorable day with pompand grandeur .We are grateful to Singapore Airlines for collaborating with them and being our travel partner. We also extend our heartfelt gratitudeto The LalitGreat Eastern Kolkata for being our venue partner. And last but not the least, heartiest thanks to the guests, press and TV media personnel and all the members of Panchohoron and AM2PMFOOD for making this event such a grand success. It is hoped that this food trip will definitely open a new segment of Food tourism.